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Trip Tip: I’m Hungry!

Peking Duck - Beijing, China

A trip can be consumed with the constant search for the next meal. When you are not familiar with a location, it may seem like they have hidden all the restaurants at the very moment your stomach starts to growl.

You may have noticed that we do not focus very much on food. We like to highlight certain restaurants that we find extraordinary or local cuisine specialties. It certainly would be a pity to go to Cambodia and not try amok, Vietnam and not try phở, or Beijing and not try Peking duck.

We generally have a nice local meal every evening and one or two special meals per trip. Our focus at other times is on saving money, saving time, and freeing us from the constraints of having to be near food establishments at meal time. We are here for adventure!

You can’t wander too far from the main tourist spots if you are tied to the next meal. We solved this issue when we discovered Prantalay Mobile Meals.

Prantalay Mobile Meals - Siem Reap, Cambodia

The Mobile Meals hit all of our main requirements:

  • They do not require refrigeration or cooking.
  • You can eat them without utensils or using your hands- no need for hand-washing!
  • They pack very compactly and are not fragile.
  • They are a complete meal that leaves you satisfied for hours.
  • They are inexpensive at 25 baht each (0.75 USD).

Untethered, we are now free to explore! If Mobile Meals are not available in your area, take the time to explore options that are available. Having a go-to meal available takes a lot of pressure off of trip planning.

11/28/2015 Update: We have been unable find Mobile Meals for the last couple of months. The slot is still there for them in Tesco Lotus, but they have not been replenished. We have checked multiple stores to no avail.

We found a great alternative at 7-11 to take with us on a kayaking trip on Koh Chang. They had a delicious Vegetarian Multi-Grain Fried Rice ready to eat meal for only 20 baht. It was a good bit more food than the Mobile Meal and was very filling.

Ready-to-Eat Meal