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“I love it when a plan comes together!” -John “Hannibal” Smith

John and Sara Garrett
John and Sara Garrett

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We love to research and plan exciting trips. Through our travel blog, we will share our travel adventures and trip planning tips with you.

When we are researching and planning trips, we try to find the sweet spot where we get the most value for our money. We do not look for the cheapest or the most expensive options; the sweet spot almost always falls between, with greatly diminishing returns on both ends of the spectrum.

Our primary style of travel is focused on independent, unguided trips. We find that we enjoy the process of researching in-depth the locations that we visit before we embark on a journey. For the months leading up to (and after) a trip, we read history books and novels about our destination. We love to see history come to life when we get there! We do utilize guide services when independent travel is impracticable, impossible, or having a guide will add value to the experience.

In our trip planning research, we find many travel blogs that promote very inexpensive trip budgets (i.e. Travel SE Asia on $25/Day!). Many bloggers achieve these low costs per day by excluding expenses. For example, if your travel health insurance costs $70 and your flight costs $1500 on a 10 day trip, your expenses total $157/day before you have landed! It would take a trip of 63 days just to get those two expenses to average below $25/day…

When we list the total trip cost and cost per day in our itineraries, they include all costs related to the trip. If any expenses are excluded, we list them under excluded costs and explain the reason that we have excluded them from the total. We like to know the true cost of our trips BEFORE we go and to avoid the financial hangover that occurs when the trip costs more than anticipated!

We hope that you find the information provided useful!

Happy Trails!
John and Sara Garrett